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Welcome to Measuring Walkability


This website collects walkability measurements from Community Street Review surveys and measurements from physical and operational variable surveys.  It provides a central store for New Zealand's walkability surveys and provides an easy mechanism for the production of Community Street Review reports.  It also includes a FREE calculator for the easy production of Walkability Level of Service.

Walkability is: the extent to which the built environment is walking friendly.

A Community Street Review is a new survey technique where a Community Street Audit is combined with a numerical rating system.

Abley transportation Consultants
  • A rating system enables problem environments to be identified analytically and comparisons made with other walking environments.  Consequently funds can be used wisely where value or benefit/cost considered greatest.
  • A Community Street Audit is a technique for assessing walkability that was developed by Living Streets UK in 2002.  Community Street Audits are used for "evaluating the quality of public spaces streets, housing estates, parks and squares from the viewpoint of the people who use it, rather than those that manage it."

A background research paper on Walkability can be downloaded here (1.28 MB). Community Street Reviews enable practitioners to identify areas of poor performance, best improvements and conclude funding priorities against network transport planning objectives.

The methodology documents for undertaking a Community Street Review are:

  • Part 1 discusses the background and planning for Community Street Reviews - download here (223 KB)
  • Part 2 discusses how to arrange and undertake a Community Street Review - download here (1636 KB)
  • Part 3 describes the results and dissemination of a Community Street Review - download here (1197 KB)

A summary report outlining the results of the initial research can be downloaded here (146 KB).

The methodology for measuring physical and operational variables can be downloaded here (1.81 MB).

Waimakariri District Council recently completed a Community Street Review of Kaiapoi Town Centre. The report is provided here (2.82 MB) as an example of how CSRs improve decision making.

Land Transport NZ is interested in hearing from community and commercial organisations interested in undertaking Community Street Reviews and the collection of operational and physical variables. Please email Tim Hughes tim.hughes@nzta.govt.nz or Steve Abley steve@abley.com with your interest.

For more information for the planning and designing for design of pedestrians, please consult Land Transport New Zealand`s Pedestrian Planning and Design Guide (27.5mb). The guide sets out ways to improve New Zealand`s walking environment. It outlines a process for deciding on the type of provision that should be made for pedestrians and provides design advice and standards.