FREE Walkability Level of Service Calculator

This calculator automates the calculation of LOS for each Section and Site so Team Leaders and others can be assured that the calculations are correct and the process can be undertaken quickly.  The calculator only calculates LOS and does not compile the complete CSR report.  If you want levelofservice.com to complete the whole report, including the summary comments, calculated LOS and the relative importance of the different improvement variables for each Section, then you need to contact Abley Transportation Consultants Limited BEFORE undertaking the CSR.  This is to encourage you to tell us about the CSR you might want to undertake and then enable us to also collect physical and operational variable data at the same time.

No matter where you are in New Zealand we want to hear from you so we can increase the knowledge of measuring walking environments.
Steve Abley can be contacted via email: steve@abley.com
Step 1, Enter Site Variables Step 2, Enter Street Review Data Step 3, View LOS Report


 1. Please enter the number of participants for your survey site.


 2. Please enter the section information below for your survey site:

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